The working voltage of the 3rd rail in the South is 750v so this idea resonates — instead of volts we need pounds!

The Heritage Electric Trains Trust (HETT) has been established to manage the project and is soon to promote a supporters rewards scheme for the 40 most loyal supporters with the intention of establishing a ‘750 Supply’, though in this case the 750 isn’t volts (at least not yet) but the aim is to generate an income of £750 per month for the project – to cover the costs of keeping the unit safe, dry and undercover at Margate as well as kick-starting the bodywork restoration of the first DMBS.


HETT is a registered charity so if you’re a UK taxpayer you can offer us the chance to claim Gift Aid on all your donations. This increases the size of your donation by up to 25%.

We have set up 3 levels of support: Gold @ £50 per month, Silver @ £25 per month and Bronze @ £10 per month.


Each package gives a scale of rewards as a token of the support you are giving to the project.


The 750 Supply scheme is based upon recruiting; 5 Gold, 10 Silver and 25 Bronze subscribers. That’s 40 of our best people feeding £750 a month into bringing 4732 back to life. We hope you will be in a position to become one of our supporters.

View or download an Acrobat .PDF

to discover the rewards available and the 3 forms needed to apply.

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